Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Night Fishing!

I love night fishing! This mysterious atmosphere, being alone in the wilderness... when every little sound is taking your attention...
And suddenly a big fish takes your bait.... You can't see anything, but you know. Somewhere there in the darkness is a big fish you fight with. There is no one to help you but you know  you will winn this fight. 

Fishing at night gives me a huge fun. But when I fish in the dark I need Something more. I always have a good headlight when spinning and also a good lantern for carp fishing.

What about headlight? It must have easy to use electronic switch and at least 2 burn modes. Sometimes we don't need so much light and we don't want to frighten the fish. This is my headlight - Not so expensive and good working:

When we are talking about lantern there are at least 2 options. Battery lantern or gas lantern. I have them both and they have their advantages and disadvantages. One important thing - good lantern must be small, light, but also powerfull. Below are 2 my choices. I think You won't be disappointed if you choose one of them:

I'm sure that me and my friends won't be able to catch those fishes without having good lights and lanterns!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunday walk with trout in the background

This sunday i took a river trip with my fiancee Natalia. Czarna Przemsza is a small river with Przeczyce dam reservoir. In the dam reservoir I fish a lot for zander and pike. This time we went to fish for rainbow trout (season is closed for brown trout) in the river just below the dam.

We had only 2 - 3 hours in the middle of the day and we choose to flysfishing instead of spinning.

It was weekend so there was a lot of fishermens since morning and trout were frightened and not easy to catch. We lost one fish just before landing (~17in rainbow) and had a few delicate bites.

At the end Natalia caught nice brown trout thet we released immidiately. It was a nice quite warm day just before winter.

It seems that next weekend will be snowy and frosty...

Friday, November 23, 2012

Short report

My job is killing me recently... That is why a haven't enough time for fishing. Although with my friend Marek we decide to go for fishing at least for 3 hours in the morning. We didn't expect co catch something good in such a short time but there was a little bit of hope :)

We arrived to Kozłowa Góra dam reservoir at 6.30, it was dark, cloudy and foggy. Temperature - just above freezing. We started to fish for pike and zander. I tried my new lure - Savege Gear Real Eel - Works awesome! Will be my kiler :)

We had some delicate bites, but we couldn't hook any fish. Finally Marek caught first small pike, He unhooked him fast and we started to fish a little bit better. We caught 4 small pikes and o 1 baby zander. It isn't a dream catch, but I think it could be worse. 

I hope that weather will allow to fish a few more times before water freezes... And with better result of course!! :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Winter ahead!

One of the best polish anglers said once: "There is no bad weather for fishing, there are only poorly dressed anglers". In Poland you can feel already first signs of winter - frozen cars in the morning, occasionally snow and lot of bad weather with heavy clouds and rain. Cold waters and winter ahead force fishes to feed intensive. To catch them you need to be dressed good.

Quality cloths are now more important thing than fishing equipment. That is why I bought an awesome GORE-TEX Jacket recently. Good Jacket should be light, provide a good temperature protection and for me vary important is a hood. This is my new Jacket. After winter I will let You know how it works :)
I don't need to buy trousers because i still have 2 pairs i bought last year - grizzly gore tex and one older pair of grizzlys. Moreover I often use waders and regular trousers have an easier life.

What I need to buy is a pair of light but warm gloves and good waterproof boots. Boots and gloves are very important to me. When it's cold my hands and feet always get cold and any further fishing is uncomfortable. I always have good warm neopren socks like this:
Although to keep it warm and dry I need a good boots and this is my choice for this year:
Waterproof and breathable boots gives me the whole new quality and comfort of fishing. I hate when my toes are freezing and now I have no longer this problem. 
I'm trying to choose cabelas clothes because they have good quality and not so expensive thing what is important when you earn in zloty and spend in $, Euro or £.
Gloves that keep my hand warm and dry and also allow mi to feel my rod are only an addition, but very important one.

I always have 2 or 3 pairs of gloves. When one pair is wet i change it and put one the other dry pair and I'm ready to fish.

Fishing in winter has a lot of disadvantages, but it has also one major advantege. I'm usually alone by the river or lake. There is quiet, calm, and I can enjoy nature...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trout and chub lures

There was once a post on my blog about trout fishing and trout lures. Although there are some changes in my trout lure box now. It is normal that we always search for new better, lures. This process is an integral part of fishing. Especially for a "lure junkie" like me!! :) 

"Trout lure" is a very wide term. When I fish in bigger rivers I usually use bigger lures: 2 - 4in (5 - 10cm), but when try to catch a trout in a small stream the best option is small crankbait - 1 - 2in (2,5 - 5cm). 

Recently I found good new lures for both of these categories. Hunter Insect and Bromba are the best choices when we try to catch every fish that feeds on bugs - espacially in summer evenings. They are great small topwater lures imitating bugs. 

Insect - my favourite trout and chub lure
Bromba - my favourite chub and trout lure

Another good small lure is Pixel. This lure is also very universal. It allows you to catch trout, chub, ide and perch. It is very small but good working and heavy (long casts) lure. Try it in smaller streams!! 

pixel - small trout lure
pixel - one of my trout lures

There is also one bigger lure, you should never forget when you fish in bigger rivers - Hunter Instinct. There are many color and size versions of this very effective lure. In my opinion it is the most universal river crankbait you can find. I caught a lot of fishes with it and very often I start and end my fishing with this lure. 

Trout on instinct lure

Maybe some of you will find out by themselves how good these lures are!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Autumn in Poland is beautiful!!

Last month we had some awesome days for fishing trips. Just look at this photo!

Braid to Braid knot

One of the most annoying things In fishing tying good knots.

Good or bad tied knot may decide if you win or loose a fight with the fish of Your life. It is necessary to check knots as often as possible, after every caught fish.

Another thing is to find a good knot. While there is a lot of good knots to tie your lure to the line or even bind braid with mono line or fluorocarbon, the real challenge is still to find a good “braid to braid” knot.

I tried a lot of knots. Some of them were good but hard to tie, some were just bad. After all I found a good one (I think so) And this knot will by my choice for a long time for tying braid to braid.

My knot for braid to braid

Try it! You won’t be disappointed!! 

The matter of line!

Season in Poland is coming to the end. It is cold, wet and unpleasant  This Year was quit interesting for me. I caught lot of nice fishes, but the most important thing was finding out that good line is a key!

My favorite  fishes are zander, pike, perch and asp. That is why I use mainly braid. Mono line is good for me when I hunt for chub or trout. I tried a lot of braids. As well worldwide known as from polish domestic market. I have some conclusions, that I want to share with You.

First of all good braid should be rounded. Flat braid is definitely not what You are looking for. Next step is to find line that keeps  strength after few months of fishing. Sometimes it doesn’t because it shreds. Some producers add teflon coating to their braids  – for example Spiderwire. Teflon coating makes the braid also smoother. Spiderwire Stealth and Ultracast are one of my favorite 5 – 15LB braids.

        I found some nice article with microscope photos of different braids - check this here: Braid photos

Although when You don’t need the smoothest line, but good strength is important for You, maybe the best choice would be legendary – my favorite 15LB  line. When I want a strong line for pike or catfish it is almost always Power Pro.

I tried also some Dragon, Jaxon and other lines. Sometimes they were not as bad. But after loosing some good fishes I realized that I should stay with good, tested lines.

Always cut off  1 – 2 m (yds) of your line after fishing. The end of your line shreds and it loses strength.

The other way to avoid this is to use fluorocarbon leader like this Fluorocarbon leader:

It is my option when I fish for zander and perch.