Thursday, April 28, 2016

I'm back fishing and posting!

     After a long break caused by personal issues I've finally decided to go back to blogging. Recently (Last 1,5 year) i had no much time for fishing, although I did some good trips and caught nice fishes. I will make a fast update in this entry and next posts and than I will be able to move with current news.

     First thing to write about must be my best trip last year. It was september. Water level in Odra river was very low. It was hot and sunny. I arrived on my best spot in the morning and started hammering with Hunter lures for asp. After maybe 20 minutes i felt a good stron bite in the middle of strong stream. The fight took almost 10 minutes. Asps were very strong and fat after summer. Especially this one :) Lucky for me I landed my biggest asp this year - 74cm

big asp spinning odra

     After releasing the fish I went downstream because it made too much noise n my spot. I travelled ~2km and caught only small chub and 45cm asp. After that I decided to make a break, eat something, drink a beer and rest a little. After few hours I came back to my spot and caught another - even bigger asp. Not so fat, but much longer 80cm fish. It was my PB and it will be for a while I suppose.

asp record spinning
     Unfortunatelly I one hook from my lure stuck in my finger during unhooking. Nevertheless nothing could take my joy of catching 2 so big asps in one day. Both fishes are growing bigger and I'm looking forward to catch them again this year! :)