Kogut Lure - How to make?

Kogut – polish jig – fantastic lure for zander (walleye) and perch mostly, but pike and trout also!
Beginning of kogut lures:
Zander fishing - big zander

In 1980’s few people from south of Poland received bucktail jigs from the USA. They didn’t know how to use it, no one knows what does “jigging” mean but tried try in many different ways. Finally Someone discovered right way of using this type of lure. First zanders in Poland were caught with bucktail jigs in Kozlowa Gora Lake (described erlier on this blog).

Unfortunately  a big amount of sunken tree roots doprowadziły to loosing all of these lures. It was hard to buy new ones. There was socialism in Poland and it was hard to buy everything  except vinegar :)

People started to figure out how to make that kind of lure by themselves. Many tries lead them to inventing a new lure – today called “kogut” Of course it changed a bit for almost 30 years, but it is very similar to the old prototypes
They work similar to bucktail jigs, but undoubtedly kogut is a very different lure.

How to make your own kogut lure? Here is my recipe!:)
What do we need?

1)      Jig head with straight wire (0,8 - 1mm thick) instead of hook – I make them with do-it molds – at about ½ - /2oz
2)      Strong and sharp treble – I use VMC barbarian, OWNER or Gamakatsu
3)      Strong thread
4)      Cook cape or saddle with big, long, wide plumage – not for dry flies (to thin and rigid)
5)      Viscose yarn or very thick chenille (crystal chenille)
zander lures parts

First we have to connect a treble with jig head – it is important do do this right because we don’t want to loose a big strong fish.
zander lures trebles

Second step is to choose 4 or 6 similar long and soft plumage  and tie them to a treble as shown on photo we can correct their set after tie. It is good when plumage goes wide when kogut runs -  the lure imitating crawdad (pliers) 

kogut lures for zander - how to make
kogut lures for zander making

kogut lures - zander fishing
Third step depends on wich body material we use

1)      If you have a chenille you simply need to tie it to the body,
how to make a fishing lure for walleye

best lure for zander and walleye
2)      If you have viscose yarn – cut it into small pieces: 1 – 1,5in and then tie their one end as close of jig head as possible. It looks pretty ugly, but now use comb it and cut it equally with scissors.
best zander lures
best perch zander and walleye jigs

Your lure is ready for action – jig with it using 1/2oz heavy ones for 5 – 10ft deep water  3/4oz – 1oz for 10 – 15ft deep water and heavier for deeper water.
handmade lures for perch and walleye

Wish you some nice ZANDERS (or WALLEYES) Send me picture of your fishes caught with kogut lure on jaroslaw.spinn@gmail.com.
I will add them here!! With short description if you want!
angry zander
big zander (walleye)


  1. super! today i had buy-it the parts for doing one,and i'll post the photos with what i catch with them! thanks for material!

  2. Hi!
    And how are your kogut lures? Send me a photo of them i will put it here!

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  4. What size/action/power rod should one use to properly fish a kogut? And what type/strength line?

    1. Best option is 2m rod 10 -35g with 15LB Braid

  5. fast or extra fast action for easy making the lure jumps