Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fishing competition

I love fishing alone or only with a few good friends. I like wild spots with no people around asking me: “Do you have some bites?”.  Fishing is for me a time to rest. Although few times a year I participate in fishing competitions. In past few years I tried myself in the hole GP cycles of my province and national competition also and I won some trophies (catching zanders generally).

Last year competition
Winning zander

This year I gave up a little. I participate only in my sectional competitions – like my Section Championship last Saturday. We have been fishing in Przeczyce dam reservoir. Przeczyce is well known of its big zanders and lot fantastic perches. Sometimes you can catch there a nice pike. Catfishes are very rare. I fish there sometimes and I knew that it was hard this time to catch lot of zanders to win. Instead of zanders, perches were biting well. It was my strategy for the day.

Competition started at 6AM after short briefing. We was fishing from boats (2 competitors in every boat) in C&R formula. Every fish was measured by the referee, going by boat between us and other competitors, and released immediately.

I caught the first fish – 8in (20cm) perch -only bigger than 18cm (~7in) perch mattered. My partner from the boat caught one also. After that we had a lot of perches between 5in (12cm) and 12in (30cm). In the middle of competition we heard about a big zander – 75cm (~30in).  It was a danger for us to loose so we had to catch more big perches.

After 6 hours competition was over. I ended it with 23 perches 18 – 30cm (7in – 12in) and my partner with 25 perches the same size. There was also a LOT of smaller fishes but they weren’t counted.

It was time for results. My partner form the boat won the competition and became a Section Champion, I was a Vice Champion and guy with a big zander was third.

Great time and another trophy for my collection. Now it’s time for quiet fishing… alone….

One is mine! :)
Me and my partner

Friday, June 17, 2011

Zander Hunting!

For last few days I have been hunting for a big zander with my friends. We were fishing between 3am and 8am at monday, tuesday and thursday. We have been trying to catch a really big zander (30 -35in at least), but it isn't a easy challenge. We had a few bites of small zanders (at about 20in). 

Everyone at least once lost a big zander before landing. We were out of luck...

Finally my friend Marek caught at 5am a very nice zander - +30in with my KOGUT JIG.

I hope next time I'll be the lucky one :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Carp!

Yesterday we have been float fishing in the private fishery with nice crucians (the same fishery from last week).

After a few hours we had some nice crucians (12in - 14in), but Natalia decided not to make photos with them. As she said - "they are to small, we need to catch a bigger one!"

How surprised was I when suddenly she landed her first nice carp! Quite big one for small pond - at about 19in and 3lb. There was lot of fun and  smile :)

We had also a chance to catch really big grass carp. Natalia saw some fish eating pieces of calamus from the surface of the water. So i tried topwater fishing with a small piece of calamus. After few minutes at about  30in - 35in grass carp tried to eat my bait, but he panicked in the last moment and we lost our chance... It is our next objective! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Good fishing day with Natalia

Good fishing day with my girlfriend Natalia

Today we went to try float fishing in a new pond. It is not so far from us and it is a private fishery. We started fishing at about 2PM in a silent, overgrown corner (bay) of the pond. I put some groundbait with canned corn into the water. As hook bait we have been using maggot and corn.

Natalia caught first fishes - at about 5 nie rudds (between 8 and 10in). We have seen lot of nice fishes jumping all over the pond.

Once there was very big carp (maybe 15 - 20lb) swimming among our floats. I was trying to catch something bigger, but I wasn't this lucky one today:) Some small perches - it was all for me:) Finally we had one nice bite, but we couldn't land this fish.

After that Natalia caught 3 beautiful crucians with the biggest last one - our new RECORD - 16in and over 2lb big, fat crucian!! BRAVO!!!!

During fishing we had a little picnic also. It was great day. At the end of the day I tried some spinning for pike, but I only lost my ripper tail because of some shilly-shally pike:)

All fishes are still alive! C&R as always!!!

Can't wait to repeat this!