Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Winter ahead!

One of the best polish anglers said once: "There is no bad weather for fishing, there are only poorly dressed anglers". In Poland you can feel already first signs of winter - frozen cars in the morning, occasionally snow and lot of bad weather with heavy clouds and rain. Cold waters and winter ahead force fishes to feed intensive. To catch them you need to be dressed good.

Quality cloths are now more important thing than fishing equipment. That is why I bought an awesome GORE-TEX Jacket recently. Good Jacket should be light, provide a good temperature protection and for me vary important is a hood. This is my new Jacket. After winter I will let You know how it works :)
I don't need to buy trousers because i still have 2 pairs i bought last year - grizzly gore tex and one older pair of grizzlys. Moreover I often use waders and regular trousers have an easier life.

What I need to buy is a pair of light but warm gloves and good waterproof boots. Boots and gloves are very important to me. When it's cold my hands and feet always get cold and any further fishing is uncomfortable. I always have good warm neopren socks like this:
Although to keep it warm and dry I need a good boots and this is my choice for this year:
Waterproof and breathable boots gives me the whole new quality and comfort of fishing. I hate when my toes are freezing and now I have no longer this problem. 
I'm trying to choose cabelas clothes because they have good quality and not so expensive thing what is important when you earn in zloty and spend in $, Euro or £.
Gloves that keep my hand warm and dry and also allow mi to feel my rod are only an addition, but very important one.

I always have 2 or 3 pairs of gloves. When one pair is wet i change it and put one the other dry pair and I'm ready to fish.

Fishing in winter has a lot of disadvantages, but it has also one major advantege. I'm usually alone by the river or lake. There is quiet, calm, and I can enjoy nature...

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