Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The matter of line!

Season in Poland is coming to the end. It is cold, wet and unpleasant  This Year was quit interesting for me. I caught lot of nice fishes, but the most important thing was finding out that good line is a key!

My favorite  fishes are zander, pike, perch and asp. That is why I use mainly braid. Mono line is good for me when I hunt for chub or trout. I tried a lot of braids. As well worldwide known as from polish domestic market. I have some conclusions, that I want to share with You.

First of all good braid should be rounded. Flat braid is definitely not what You are looking for. Next step is to find line that keeps  strength after few months of fishing. Sometimes it doesn’t because it shreds. Some producers add teflon coating to their braids  – for example Spiderwire. Teflon coating makes the braid also smoother. Spiderwire Stealth and Ultracast are one of my favorite 5 – 15LB braids.

        I found some nice article with microscope photos of different braids - check this here: Braid photos

Although when You don’t need the smoothest line, but good strength is important for You, maybe the best choice would be legendary – my favorite 15LB  line. When I want a strong line for pike or catfish it is almost always Power Pro.

I tried also some Dragon, Jaxon and other lines. Sometimes they were not as bad. But after loosing some good fishes I realized that I should stay with good, tested lines.

Always cut off  1 – 2 m (yds) of your line after fishing. The end of your line shreds and it loses strength.

The other way to avoid this is to use fluorocarbon leader like this Fluorocarbon leader:

It is my option when I fish for zander and perch.

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