Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Night Fishing!

I love night fishing! This mysterious atmosphere, being alone in the wilderness... when every little sound is taking your attention...
And suddenly a big fish takes your bait.... You can't see anything, but you know. Somewhere there in the darkness is a big fish you fight with. There is no one to help you but you know  you will winn this fight. 

Fishing at night gives me a huge fun. But when I fish in the dark I need Something more. I always have a good headlight when spinning and also a good lantern for carp fishing.

What about headlight? It must have easy to use electronic switch and at least 2 burn modes. Sometimes we don't need so much light and we don't want to frighten the fish. This is my headlight - Not so expensive and good working:

When we are talking about lantern there are at least 2 options. Battery lantern or gas lantern. I have them both and they have their advantages and disadvantages. One important thing - good lantern must be small, light, but also powerfull. Below are 2 my choices. I think You won't be disappointed if you choose one of them:

I'm sure that me and my friends won't be able to catch those fishes without having good lights and lanterns!

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