Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Winter has come... Ice fishing for Perch

This year it is a little bit colder in december. That is why we are unable to fish for zander or asp anymore, but new opportunieties arrives. My nearby lake has frozen and we tried to catch some nice perches from ice! We started early in the morning because the water and the ice were very clear and it is the best time to catch the biggest fish. Later when it is very bright they can be very suspicious and impossible to fool :)

The ice was very thin  (~5cm) but we had special floatation suits, and we tried to remember not to walk close to each other :)

We caught some really nice perches >30cm with small ice pilkers, We also had some big perches that we lost during fight and occasionally some small pike was interested in our lures. 

Ice fishing could be really fun when you can't go fishing anywhere else... :) 
I also made a short movie when my friend Marek caught a nice 32cm perch. I hope you will like it:)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Awesome movie - Chub spawning in Poland

This year i had no much time for fishing, but despite of that I managed to see something incredible that I have never seen before. 

At 26th June I found a spot where lot of chubs from the whole part of the river where spawning.  We observed them for a while. Most of them were about 30 - 40cm (12 - 16in), but there were also bigger ones - ~50cm (20in). One of them we caught in the movie. We didn't try to catch them. We left them alone and went downstream trying to catch some nice asps.... Did we succeed? I will write about that next time :)

I hope you enjoy my movie. If you want to visit this place with a rod next year and catch big chub like that one below - contact me :)