Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Zander Fishing in Poland

 Today I wanted to share with you the story of catching with spinning rod my PB of zander (european walleye).

It was the middle of November and I went with my friends to find some asps and zanders in Odra river. The day was cold - just above freezing and cloudy, but there was now rain or snow.  It wasn't windy also so it was the perfect day for zander for this time of year.

Big walleye - zander spinningbig zander caught on spinning     In the morning my friend caught a really nice-  30in (75cm) asp with Hunter Fantom Lure. After that there was nothing going on for few hours. About midday i had few bites on heavy - 3/4oz (21g) and 8cm jig and I caught 3 small - 20in (50cm) zanders. At 2PM we finally decided to take a break and eat something. Wa also changed our spot and went ~10km downstream to bigger and deeper places. Just after starting fishing we both had good bites. My friend lost his fis after 30 seconds. I had much more luck and after 5 minutes fight I landed my BIGGEST zander so far. It was a beautifull fat and strong fish!
     Quick measuring showed that it was ~37in (>90cm) and Ä…rround 16lb. It was really fat. I hope I will fight this fish someday again :)

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 Here is a short video of releasing that magnificent fish!

sandacz from Jarek on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I'm back fishing and posting!

     After a long break caused by personal issues I've finally decided to go back to blogging. Recently (Last 1,5 year) i had no much time for fishing, although I did some good trips and caught nice fishes. I will make a fast update in this entry and next posts and than I will be able to move with current news.

     First thing to write about must be my best trip last year. It was september. Water level in Odra river was very low. It was hot and sunny. I arrived on my best spot in the morning and started hammering with Hunter lures for asp. After maybe 20 minutes i felt a good stron bite in the middle of strong stream. The fight took almost 10 minutes. Asps were very strong and fat after summer. Especially this one :) Lucky for me I landed my biggest asp this year - 74cm

big asp spinning odra

     After releasing the fish I went downstream because it made too much noise n my spot. I travelled ~2km and caught only small chub and 45cm asp. After that I decided to make a break, eat something, drink a beer and rest a little. After few hours I came back to my spot and caught another - even bigger asp. Not so fat, but much longer 80cm fish. It was my PB and it will be for a while I suppose.

asp record spinning
     Unfortunatelly I one hook from my lure stuck in my finger during unhooking. Nevertheless nothing could take my joy of catching 2 so big asps in one day. Both fishes are growing bigger and I'm looking forward to catch them again this year! :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Guided Field Sharpener 221 Review

Today I want to share my opinion and experience gained while testing new Guided Field Sharpener 221 from Work Sharp Tools. I received this tool thanks to Work Sharp and Outdoor Blogger Network and its gear review opportunity. 

 Do you have the same problem that I have? Always when I need a sharp knife I can't find one. maybe because I don't like to care about my knives? Or maybe because I didn't have a proper tool to do it... Guided Field Sharpener
Guided Field Sharpener

Now - thanks to Work Sharp I had a good tool and in order to test it I had to use it often for all my knives - and not only knives!! :) 

I received my sharpener in the last week of January. I couldn't resist to try it immediately. I took my biggest outdoor knife (it was damaged because I used to chop branches with it etc...) and tried to sharpen it. Firstly I used coarse diamond plate to repair and shape blade - it worked great. After that I sharpened the blade with fine diamond plate - only 5 strokes for each side was enough!

Guided Field Sharpener  
After that I used ceramic rod (turned on "F" position") to finish the sharpening. I could use leather strop after that but it wasn't necessary for big hard working knife.
Final result was awesome! I wouldn't have thought that my old damaged knife will be sharp as a new one. 

Now I wanted to know how this sharpener would handle lighter, smoother knife like my Rapala filet knife. 

This time I didn't have to use coarse diamond plate because this knife was in a good shape. It only needed sharpening. This time I used leather strop to make the blade smooth. Result? As well as before - fast, easy and effective sharpening. I used this sharpener also my rapala scissors with a good effect.

Guided Field Sharpener

Guided Field Sharpener

The last knife I tried to sharpen was my kitchen knife and this time my new tool worked even better - maybe because I learned how to use it?

I already knew that I can repair and sharpen every knife I have and even scissors, but while reading the manual I found out that I can use this tool to sharpen fishing hooks! I looked for some damadged ones in my box and i found to lures with blunt trebles. I turned ceramic rod to "hook" position and tried to sharpen it - I was harder to keep a good angle but after my try this trebles looked much better:)

Guided Field Sharpener

It would be for the beginning. For next 5 weeks I used all knives intensively. When they weren't so sharp any more I took my sharpener and repair them. It is true, that knives can be re-sharpened using only the fine ceramic rod and it isn't necessary to use diamond plates every time what makes the whole process much faster.
After 5 weeks of intensive testing of the sharpener it looks as good as in the beginning. I think my knives will be sharp and ready every time I will need them.  I can recommend this tool to anyone how thinks about a sharpener. I have one already and I will not give it to anyone :) 

Guided Field SharpenerGuided Field Sharpener

I received the Guided Field Sharpener 221 free of charge to test and review. I'm not sponsored by or associated with Work Sharp Tools. The opinions expressed above are my independent thoughts and experiences.