Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rainbow trout day

Today was the first warmer day since 1st January. It was sunny for some time and the temperature was at about +5C in the middle of day! It was like taouch of spring! I had to take Natalia and go for some fishing. This time she wasn't fishing and that is why I have first good photos with my trophies :)
rainbow trout big

 We had lot of fun walking and watching nature, it was also a good fishing day! I had 2 good bites and landed 2 beautiful 18 - 20in rainbows. First one was aa surprise, but with the second one we wa prepared and Natalia made some good photo-relation for me :)

This time it isn't necessary to describe anything- just watch :)

rainbow trout flyfishingrainbow trout fishing

rainbow troutFlyfishing waders

Landing big fishRainbow trout in the Autumn

Big Rainbow trout - flyfishingVery big rainbow trout

Releasing troutReleasing trout
 I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I!:)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nice sale!

I'm always looking for some sales or discounts when I want to buy something more expensive. Regular prices are for regular people :) It's good to know that you can buy things cheaper when the season for them is ending. For example the end of winter is great time to buy jackets or winter boots. While looking for some good occasions i found an awesome sale in Outwood Sports!

There is 30 pages of discounted product, but i foud there some very good choices i want to share with you. First of all I've put my attention on Columbia Power Terrain Mens Jacket in a great price! 
$30 is a good discout for a good waterproof breathable jacket, with futures like:
  • Fully seam sealed.
  • 2-way comfort stretch.
  • Panoramic hood.
  • Vented.
  • Waterproof zip-closed pockets.
The second good opportunity is Columbia Silver Ridge Mens Softshell 
I love softshell clothes! They are light, good looking, waterproof and breathable. My last softshell jacket seems to need a replacement already - that is why a seriously consider buying this one. I think I will be able to write a short review soon! :)

Fishing jacket
I like Columbia clothes a lot! I'm already waiting for late summer shirt sale. Great clothes for reasonable prices. Try if you didn't already!

Winter trouts

As I said before winter is trout time for me. I don't like ice fishing so trout and danube salmon are my top fishing aims during winter. The day is short now and I don't have a lot of time for fishing - my job is literally killing me but sometimes I'm able to find a few hours for myself. Usually I go with spinning, but sometimes i like to try flyfishing also. Last trips gave me some small brown trouts and sometimes some bigger ones. 

Brown trout streamerBrown trout streamer flyfishing

I hope I will finally catch some really big one. But I suppose I have to wait for a little warmer days to achieve this. Check out my blog for updates!! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cold wind = earache

Next winter and I still have the same problem. When it is cold and windy my ears are killing me after some time outside without a good hat or headband. It is a big problem for me since I remember. That is why I always have at least 3 - 4 good headwear so I never forget to take one. There is also a good side of my affliction - after years I became a hat expert :) Now I want to share it with you. 

There are 3 main types of winter headware - cap, headband and hood - all of them do their job but I use them in different situations.

headbandWhen it isn't very cold but the wind is strong I love to wear headband! I had already a lot of them - as well thin windstopper ones as thick and warm polar headbands. They also have one great advantage - They will not destroy your fancy hairdo :D

If it is very cold I leave my head band at home and  consider only 2 choices - cap or hood? This choice is based on simple rule. If I will be among other people - non fishermens I will take a warm, but good looking cap (here you can find a good cap with great price ). For extreme outdoor situations when I don't really care how do I look I take an under armour hood and sometimes additional - bigger size - cap :)

Fishing capArmour hood fishing
 I hope some of you who has the same problem will find my advices usefull. As I said many times before - Good outfit is much more importent than hi-end rod or reel.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Small lures update

As some of you already know I wrote erlier some posts about small lures for trout chub and ide. It's obvious that some types of lures are for specific species in specific places, but there is a big group small lures that you can use as well for trout as for ide in chub in different places. I want to update my pevious post that you can find HERE, HERE and HERE with new expieriences gaind last season.

Of course i still use all the lures described earlier. They are still usefull and very effective, but every lure junkie like me is still looking for something new, something better, something special. First of all I find "GLIWA" extended body spinners as better than I thought! They will never twist your line, they always work properly - even if you fish downstream and they are extremly effective!

While talking about spinners I've got another  good proposition. My friend gave me recently some nice looking, very small - #0 and #1 but very heavy hand made spinners. I've didn't test them well yet, but I'm sure it's also a good choice for fishing in small streams!

That would be all for spinners, but I have also some new thoughts about crankbaits. Firstly - I use more hunter lures now. Especially bullet (for chub) and instinct(for trout and ide) - great lures, gave me lot of fishes. And I'm sure will give me much more in the future. Guys in Hunter know what they are doing!
I also found some littlt hand-made ide lures. They look great and work properly. I will test them in march and april for sure. 
my best new lures for trout, ide and chub
 Now is time for those lures! Wait for updates:)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New season - new look of my blog

Finally I decided to change the layout of my blog. I don't know how you feel about it, but I would love to find out so please write a comment and tell me what you think :) 


Monday, February 4, 2013

Awesome gadget for my "wish list"

I know.... Christmas is behind us already and my birthday is in august, but this is a love at first sight :) I often use standalone gps devices and gps apps in my smartphone. Although gps in smartphone kills battery very fast and if you choose standalone device it is another thing to carry and keep in pocket. 
Usually it is no problem for me, but sometimes i would like to reduce my equipment and still have an access to my gps position.

Today I found an awesome thing - Suunto Ambit HR GPS Watch.
This is more than just a watch! In addition to a 3D electronic compass and barometric altimeter, it contains high sensitivity GPS module for checking your position, saving waypoints and navigating to them.
awesome fishing watch

I thing it would be a great choice for long trout fishing trips - to find a short way back to my car or for mushroom picking at autumn. It is quite expensive, but i found this awesome device in COTSWOLD OUTDOOR were I also found an awesome action. For writing gear reviews you can win up to £250 every month! I will try to achive this and maybe i will write a Suunto Ambit HR GPS Watch review soon :)
You can find some details about this action HERE

There are some movies about this watch on YouTube also. It's really awesome!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trout incubators in Biała Przemsza River

Biała Przemsza is a small trout river near do Sławków, Jaworzno and Dąvrowa Górnicza. It is the best brown trout river around me. The trout season begins there at February 1st. That is why I visited this beautiful river today. Although because of fast snow melting and heavy rain it was almost impossible to fish. I have to wait a week at least to fis and (i hope) give You some photo of big brown trout - they grow here up to 25 - 30in!! The "no kill" section gives some hope to fight such a big fish.

One interesting thing I've noticed were trout incubators made by members by  "Friends of Biała Przemsza Community":

Biala Przemsza river - incubators for trouts

small trouts are being born hereIncubators for trouts - I will fish for them in few years

I hope that water level will be lower soon and I will be able to write a true fishing report :)