Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hello! I made another video from my trout fishing trip. I hope you'll enjoy! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Trout day! Trouts, video-clip and lures

Last sunday I was fishing for trout with spinning rod. I used handmade lures and great trout lures from Smith - mostly D-Contact, but also Jade and D-Incite. 

It was a nice day - a little bit cloudy, but only a few drops of rain dropped. I started late ~8AM because, but we stayed there almost till 2PM - with some breaks.
The day started well with catching a nice 40cm(16in) trout on the first spot. After few casts accross the stream with handmade lure I made a little bit longer cast downstream. My lure dropped in the calm water. I draged it with a few twitches to the stronger stream and BAM! Very powerful bite! After a short fight nice trout was in my hand. I released it carefully after taking a photo :)

Few next spots gave my nothing, but the water was really nice and I knew it is just the matter of time until I will get another bite. Maybe an hour later finally something started to change. I had a lot of missed bites. Trouts were rising to my lure and than just touching it or biting really carefully. Very hard to set the hook. Of course sometimes I managed to deceive some of them. Most of better bites I had with Smith D-Contact and Jade. New lures my friend Baptiste showed and gave me.

Smith D-contact lures for troutOne of my favourite trout lures - handmade

Fantastic lures for trout asp and chub - Smith JadeMy best lures for trout - D-contact and D-incite

Smith lures are very very very good quality. Nice colors, heavy trout twichbaits that are quite easy to use and sometimes they make a difference!

Like this day. They are very lifelike and maybe that is a part of their secret... In fact I think they are one of my favourites now! If you want you can read my post from the past about my trout lures here. Lot of them I still use, but also I've added some new ones:)
This time I was also using a sport camera on my head and I tried to film make a clip from my fishing trip. It was my first time so I think I must learn a lot but it was really fun to do it:) I already uploaded my clip to Youtube. Fell free to watch and comment!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Night spinning for catfish - lures and spots

Spinning for wels

As I described it on by blog previously wels is a big european catfish. it is big and strong predator that can be caught using spinning and that is what I'm trying to do:)

Big wels caught on spinning releasing at night
For me spinning for catfish gives the best effects at night. Most of my wels were caught around midnight and it is the best time i suppose. Sometimes I fish in the river, sometimes in a small lake and sometimes in a dam reservoir. I use many different lures, especially crankbaits. But what is important. Lures for catfish don't need to be very big. Sometimes 3in (~7cm) is enough - as long as it is very noisy. Before I start fishing I must choose my spot or spots carefully. I must predict where catfish will come to eat at night. Usually shallow warm waters close to the shore, but not far from deep spots where they rest during the day.

Next step is to chose proper lures - they can't go to deep, they must be VERY noisy and they must by prepared for strong fight(saltwater trebles etc). There are not many bites. Sometimes you have one, sometimes none, but every bite is memorable and gives so much fun! Moreover - catching big predator at night is some kind of magical. As well as releasing him to his kingdom... Wels - the kind of the river... After so huge amount of emotions in the middle of the night I often stop fishing and go to sleep. I'm done for the night. I'm happy and fulfilled... And of course... A drink with the best friend... in the wild... after catching huge catfish is something you won't forget.
Big wels caught at warm night in the lake in PolandBig wels releasing at night

Big catfish caught in river at night
Of course you can catch catfish with live bait while sitting comfortable in the chair and just waiting, but that's not for me. I like the action, the direct contact with my target and with the nature. Spinning for wels at night is more like hunting than fishing... Sometimes you could say - why is the night so short?

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Zander Fishing in Poland

 Today I wanted to share with you the story of catching with spinning rod my PB of zander (european walleye).

It was the middle of November and I went with my friends to find some asps and zanders in Odra river. The day was cold - just above freezing and cloudy, but there was now rain or snow.  It wasn't windy also so it was the perfect day for zander for this time of year.

Big walleye - zander spinningbig zander caught on spinning     In the morning my friend caught a really nice-  30in (75cm) asp with Hunter Fantom Lure. After that there was nothing going on for few hours. About midday i had few bites on heavy - 3/4oz (21g) and 8cm jig and I caught 3 small - 20in (50cm) zanders. At 2PM we finally decided to take a break and eat something. Wa also changed our spot and went ~10km downstream to bigger and deeper places. Just after starting fishing we both had good bites. My friend lost his fis after 30 seconds. I had much more luck and after 5 minutes fight I landed my BIGGEST zander so far. It was a beautifull fat and strong fish!
     Quick measuring showed that it was ~37in (>90cm) and Ä…rround 16lb. It was really fat. I hope I will fight this fish someday again :)

If you want to read something more on that topic visit my other posts about FISHING FOR ZANDER or read about my ZANDER LURES
 Here is a short video of releasing that magnificent fish!

sandacz from Jarek on Vimeo.