Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New site on my blog!

Today I published new site, where i described 3 types of  my lure retrievers. I think it is a hot topic for every spinning and casting angler. Feel free to comment !! :)

Lure retrievers


  1. Anything that saves money and my Lures is always welcome, The first one is a great idea and i will be useing that myself, As i like all of them i will make one of each and try to save myself a lot of extra cost,
    Thanks for sharing this info with us Jarek,
    Best of luck,

  2. Hey, that's cool. I have lost several good and partly expensive lure while fishing and I sure appreciate every way that helps saving money.

    Btw, For a guy from Poland you write in an excellent English. I'm myself originally from Germany but living in Texas now. Could almost have called you neighbor. LOL
    Take Care and keep your interesting posts coming

  3. Thanks for your appreciation :)
    Feel free to come here often and comment! :)

  4. Love to save a buck, thanks. Hey I just followed you and have just started my new blog and would appreciate you coming by and follow. Maybe we can keep up with what each is doing. Thanks.
    Ablaze Siding Dayton Ohio