Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Asp - fantastic sport fish!

Asp - sometimes called "salmon for the poor" is an awesome game fish. It is very hard to catch - you can catch it  only with artificial lures - but the bite is every time spectacular and impossible to forget!

How does this fish look like? Like this! :)
Asp on this photo is at about 28in but in big rivers like Vistula and Odra they grow up to 40in and 20LB! This one on a photo is my PB, but i hope I will face a bigger one soon !
Typical asp spots:

Asp live in big lowland rivers - they feed mostly on bleak, but also sometimes on silver bream, roach or small chub. Asp is a super fast predator and when you stand for a while by the river you can watch his attacks on the shoals of bleak. Check out on YT movie!

How to catch this fish? Chack out another YT clip made by my friend from Hunter Lures!:

If you want to catch an asp you must try it with special lures. Lot of polish lure producers make special wobblers for asp - for example Salmo thrill or Gloog hermes, but for me the best one is HUNTER SPIRIT! But it must be used with VERY fast spinning

Sometimes when the water is cold and asps are not as fast an aggressive i use some different lures and then i fish a little bit slower:

On the first photo you can find a long slim spoon and different upgraded soft lures, the second photo shows wobblers for slower spinning - HUNTER SOUL, HUNTER CHAMPION, Rapala Husky Jerk, Salmo Sting, Rapala Original and one hand made wobbler -  special for asp. If you want to catch an asp you don't need any more, but these lures and lot of time:)

I realize, most of you will not have an opportunity to fish for asp, but in this post i wanted to show you, that somewhere in the world are different than bass sport fishes and hunting for them can be exciting!!