Sunday, November 18, 2012

Trout and chub lures

There was once a post on my blog about trout fishing and trout lures. Although there are some changes in my trout lure box now. It is normal that we always search for new better, lures. This process is an integral part of fishing. Especially for a "lure junkie" like me!! :) 

"Trout lure" is a very wide term. When I fish in bigger rivers I usually use bigger lures: 2 - 4in (5 - 10cm), but when try to catch a trout in a small stream the best option is small crankbait - 1 - 2in (2,5 - 5cm). 

Recently I found good new lures for both of these categories. Hunter Insect and Bromba are the best choices when we try to catch every fish that feeds on bugs - espacially in summer evenings. They are great small topwater lures imitating bugs. 

Insect - my favourite trout and chub lure
Bromba - my favourite chub and trout lure

Another good small lure is Pixel. This lure is also very universal. It allows you to catch trout, chub, ide and perch. It is very small but good working and heavy (long casts) lure. Try it in smaller streams!! 

pixel - small trout lure
pixel - one of my trout lures

There is also one bigger lure, you should never forget when you fish in bigger rivers - Hunter Instinct. There are many color and size versions of this very effective lure. In my opinion it is the most universal river crankbait you can find. I caught a lot of fishes with it and very often I start and end my fishing with this lure. 

Trout on instinct lure

Maybe some of you will find out by themselves how good these lures are!


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  3. Hay Interesting .. i saw 1st time this types of lures.. don't you know about Led Lures it's really great.!!