Thursday, April 7, 2011

Brown Trout & Rainbow Trout Spining Lures

Fishing for brown trout and rainbow trout

is very popular in Poland. Today i would like to show you my selection of spinning lures for trout. In Poland trout are present as well in mountain streams and rivers (like Dunajec and San) as in small lowland streams. Everywhere people use a bit different lures, but this difference isn't very big. I distinguished 3 main groups of these lures:

  • crankbaits
  • jigs
  • spoons and spinners


First group of crankbaits - used in bigger streams and mainly in winter and spring are quite big lures - 2,5in - 3in (Salmo Hornet 5, Salmo Minnow 7, Rapala Original 7, BigBait Caster, Góral, Kenart)

Second group of crankbaits - smaller and very versatile (between 1,5in and 2,5in). You can use this lures everywhere and everytime. This lures in my box are: Salmo Hornet 4, BigBait Flyer, Salmo Bullhead, Rapala Original 5, YoZuri Ace Minnow, Jaxon Ferox 4.

Third Group - smallest crankbaits (1in - 1,5in), used mainly in summer and in smaller streams: Salmo Horner 2,5, Salmo Hornet 3, and my FAVOURITE TROUT LURES - Góral - in many different color choices. Best small lures i have ever had!


Sometimes - mainly in wintervery effective are small jigs - as well plastic jigs as marabou and "kogut". I don't like to use them for trout, but sometimes I have to if I want to hook something :)


Spinners are good lures mainly in summer, when trout feed on bugs. Spoons are always good, but they are better for brown trouts than for rainbows.

It is worth to try! :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Today - Chechło Lake

Monday was the last day of great weather (sunny & >15C) before rain.

I decided to check out how Chechło Lake looks like after winter. I took my girlfriend and we arrived to the lake at about 11AM. It was warm and we felt like it was summer. 

There was only few people there fishing. Mostly for roach, bream, small carps, but i didn't notice their succeses. There is close season for pike in Poland so our target as perch. It was more a trip than fishing. I was trying ultra light casting (lures lighter than 1/4oz). It was hard for me, but finaly my casts was quite long.

I caught small pike with little spinner. Natalia had the only perch. She was using spinning rod and reel with delicate mono. Just after noon it was getting cloudy and a bit later it as raining heavy. 

The wheather is aweful now, but our season on Checho Lake is OPEN :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Salmo fishing videos on youtube

Today I'd like to show you videos made by Salmo, about Salmo lures. You can see there how they works and how to fish for pike with them. I hope you enjoy!