Friday, November 23, 2012

Short report

My job is killing me recently... That is why a haven't enough time for fishing. Although with my friend Marek we decide to go for fishing at least for 3 hours in the morning. We didn't expect co catch something good in such a short time but there was a little bit of hope :)

We arrived to Kozłowa Góra dam reservoir at 6.30, it was dark, cloudy and foggy. Temperature - just above freezing. We started to fish for pike and zander. I tried my new lure - Savege Gear Real Eel - Works awesome! Will be my kiler :)

We had some delicate bites, but we couldn't hook any fish. Finally Marek caught first small pike, He unhooked him fast and we started to fish a little bit better. We caught 4 small pikes and o 1 baby zander. It isn't a dream catch, but I think it could be worse. 

I hope that weather will allow to fish a few more times before water freezes... And with better result of course!! :)

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