Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kozlowa Gora Lake

      Kozłowa Góra is a big dam resorvoir is south Poland next to Piekary Śląskie. It is 550 hectars big. Middle depth is about 8ft, while the deepest spots are at about 14ft. Kozłowa Góra is very shallow, but we can find here lot of big zanders and pikes. The biggest zander form this lake is over 25 pounds!!
      To have bigger chances it is necessary to use a boat, whitch you can always rent here, but you can't use your own boat! While fishing on Kozłowa Góra I usually use spinning or casting. My favourite lures for pike are big plastic jigs like RELAX KOPYTO 6'' or jerkbaits like SALMO SLIDER 10. There is no better lure for zander than "kogut" - special jig made of cock capes. I make this jigs myself. I describe how, with photos soon.
    The season here starts in June and ends in december. he best results I have in June and from october to december. It isn't a big problem to catch about 10 pikes and zander by a day.
If you want to know some more about this place ask me with your comment!

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  1. That looks like an awesome good place to fish from a kayak. I used to fish for zander a lot in Germany and I still think it's one of the best tasting fish ever.
    Great pictures!

  2. I love this fish too:)
    It is impossible to use your own boat or kayak on Kozlowa Gora unfortunetly...

  3. Dear Jarek
    Firstly - thanks for the great info on fishing in Poland - as a Brit who has just moved here (Wroclaw) your blogspots are the most practical pike and trout pages i've found. Just a quick question - how do you get to fish on this lake? Can you buy a day permit and hire a boat, and do I need a polish fishing licence in addition to what I can get on the day?
    Thanks - and keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Ben!
    If you have foreign passport, You need to pay daily, weekly or longer permit.
    In katowice area it is:

    1 day - 30zł
    3 days - 60zł
    7 day - 120zł
    1 year - 300zł

    This is for people temporary staying in Poland, but who would check this... :) Foreign passport and buying a permit is enough. You can hire a boat, when you come to lake. You don't need to book it in advance. If you decide to come, I can help you with this :) I doubt if people there are speaking english :) e-mail me: