Monday, April 16, 2012

Natural Substitutes of drugs


I've started a new blog! I know - it is in polish, but google translator will help you understand it.
Polish natural old methods of cure:

Natural substitutes of drugs - blog 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Natalia with beautiful rainbow

After a long break i have to catch up with my reports :)
This time i want to show you photos from our (my and my fiancee Natalia) trim to Czarna Przemsza river (previously described on this blog) It was one of the first warmer days of new year - beginning of march 2012.

We decided to spend whole day on fishing and picnic:) We arrived to Przeczyce (small village on the Czarna Przemsza river) at 9PM and after short briefing we started fishing and walking enjoying nature. It was a beautiful sunny day, and Natalia also was the lucky one - catching fantastic rainbow. Pictures speak for themselves:

At evening we decided to make a campfire and bake some delicious sausages! Must repeat this!!

My biggest Ide

Spring is coming in Poland fast!  Although sometimes we have to face heavy rain:) Unfortunately this time it was a fishing day. We arrived to our best spots for Ide (spinning of course!) on Vistula river near Oświęcim (Auschwitz - city with former nazi death camp). at about 3PM.

After half an hour fishing with beautiful warm and sunny weather we saw dark, heavy clouds on the horizon. It was a bad sign, but we had to use our time. We took gore-tex clothes and decided to stay and fish in the rain. 

After an hour of heavy rain and strong wind i finally had a bite on my 1,5in Hunter Instinct 4 wobbler. After a nice fight in Vistula current I landed a FANTASTIC 20in and more than 3lb Ide. I hope I'll beat this record soon! :)