Monday, March 14, 2011

Pike Lures - jerkbaits, crankbaits, softlures, spiners and spoons


Today I'm going to describe best polish pike lures.

Maybe some of them would be new for you and you will try them by yourself!! I think my pike lures could be very effective for your northern pike and musky.

First and best known group of them are jerkbaits

I know that jerkbaits are common almost everywhere, but we have in Poland some interesting models. Typical size of jerkbaits is between 4in and 7in. There are of course some smaller and bigger, but I don't use them often.

      This group in my box is represented mostly by gliders - the best of the best Salmo Slider and a few BigBaits. Also there are some pullbaits on first photo - Salmo Fatso, two hand made jerkbaits and one BigBait (pike imitation).


Second big group are Softlures.

They are very popular in Poland. We use as well foreign models like Lunker City Shaker 6in, as our domestic products like Relax Kopyto 5in, 6in. We use them together with 0,5oz - 1,5oz jig heads and 6/0 - 12/0 hooks. Most common technique is jiging or sometimes jerking. The weight of jig head you should compare with the depth of your spot. I usualy use 3/4oz for 8ft - 10ft depth and 6 inches soft lure.

      First photo shows my favourite Relax Kopyto 6 (6 inch) in few different colours. In the second photo we can see Delalande Sandra, Prologic Alien Eel, Lunker City Shaker, Relax Kopyto 5, and 4 Imakatsu Javallon, Rozemeijer Shad, Prologic Cannibal Shad and one of my best lures - little pearl Prologic LB minnow - fantastic lure!!

We also often use crankbaits, twitchbaits and slashbaits.

Our technique is just the same like everywhere in the world, but we've got some interesting and very effective crankbaits (mostly made by polish company SALMO). Average size of them is between 3in and 7in.

      I like very much Rapala lures. In this photo you can see Shad Rap 9, Shallow Shad Rap 9 and DT 16. Also effective are Kamatsu Jointed Minnow, Dorado Lake (Perch imitating - also great lure for catfish) and silver holographic Jaxon Ferox, but i like mostly big Salmo Whitefish, Pike (You can  also find his smaller version on this photo), Perch and Skinner, which are good trolling lures too.

Of course I use some other lures like big spoons and spinners,

but not so often like jerkbaits, softbaits, crankbaits and slashbaits.
      Honestly I don't prefere them, but sometimes it is the only way to feel a fish on the other end of your line. 
      Every lure mentioned here has been tested by myself in different fisheries and in my opinion is a good choice for northern pike. Maybe for other species too, but I can't be sure of that. Of course there is much more models and types of pike lures in Poland, but I didn't use them yet. Contact me if you want to have more information about this lures.


  1. My "go to" lure is a #4 Mepps spinner, great for covering a lot of water quickly.I'm really impressed with Salmo's quality but they are almost impossible to get here.

  2. If you are interested in buying salmo I can give you an adress of fishing with international shipping (cost to USA and Canada at about 15$)

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your Pike fishing tackle selection with all of us. Unfortunately, I don't get to fish for Pike near where I live. But, if I ever do I know that your lure selection will be a good place for me to see help.

  4. Great selection of lures! It's nice to see we all use simular lures. If you could only use one lure for Pike, which one would it be?

  5. Very difficult question:) It would be a universal lure, that I can use everywhere and everytime...

    Salmo Slider 10 sinking i think :)

  6. Ok, I would be interested in that address, because I am a SALMO fan and I caught most of my late november pikes with the Sliders. By the way, nice blog, I have always wondered about the polish fishing spots, because I know that Poland is a very large and natural beautiful country. Someday I'll visit Poland, carying my rods in the car trunk, and that's a promise.

  7. Hi!
    If you come some day i can show you my spots :) shipps international. It is not very chip, but if you buy more lures it will be OK.
    If you need hepl contact me by e-mail:

  8. SALMO ok lures :)
    A new era for the company Salmo. The new owner to keep the tradition.
    Połowiłem na te przynęty sporo Szczupaków oraz Sandaczy.