Friday, March 25, 2011

Dunajec river - where danube salmon lives

Dunajec is a polish biggest mountain river with trout, grayling and danube salmon.

It is running through southern Poland and it is right tributary of the Vistula river. Dunajec is a border between Poland and Slovakia for 27km while running through Pieniny mountain range.

There is a big dam reservoir on this river - Czorsztyn Lake. The best places for fishing are from this reservoir to estuary to the Vistula.

What kind of fish can we catch?

Mainly: Danube Salmon, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Grayling, Chub, Barbel and sometimes zander or pike, when they come from Czorsztyn Lake.

Water in Dunajec is very cold all over the year because it comes from bottom vent on Czorsztyn dam reservoir. In summer it gets warmer with every mile.

Fishing in Dunajec river in summer is focused mainly on grayling and trout. In winter almost every one try to catch danube salmon. This fish, called "The Queen of Dunajec" is some kind of symbol of Dunajec.
Main fishing methods are flyfishing spinning. Sometimes people fish for barbel or bream with bread or cheese.

Even if you have no bites it is fantastic to fish in Dunajec because of stunning Pieniny views. Dunajec is quite far from me, but I am here as often as possible. I want to share with you some of my photos. I hope some of you will come to Poland and will fish in my favourite river!

MORE PHOTOS HERE: Gallery of Dunajec river photos


  1. Very beautiful...
    If I were ever lucky enough to fish there, I'd want you to show me around!
    Beautiful place indeed!

  2. I tottaly agree with Raz, Must be one of the most scenic places ever,

  3. Just had to come back since I got so impressed from your blog on my first visit here.
    Beautiful pictures in the gallery, Jarek. I can see why you even would accept to go on along trip just to fish there.
    Nice to see your girlfriend shares your passion for fishing. I posted an actually commercial but very funny video about this subject on my site.
    Feel free to visit and your comments are always welcome.
    Take Care

  4. Thanks for comments!
    Be my guests in Poland! :)

    This commercial really awesome! :)

  5. Found your site, and signed up to follow.

    I'm very interested in fishing in Poland, as you have some big Grayling I gather in the river San?


    Have a look and follow if you have time?

    Kind Regards.

  6. Hi!
    Thanks for comment.Yes. San is a little Dunajec similar river and it is well known of big graylings (Up to 25in) trout and danube salmon. There is a NO KILL only flyfishing fishery on San between Zwierzyń and Hoczewka.

  7. Interesting ! It`s the first article about this, in any blogs who I reed, blogs great kindness in sharing fishing information about this fish. I like all the picture and I am sure it would be very exciting!