Dunajec River Gallery

chubs in Dunajec river

chub in Dunajec river

school of big chubs

Dunajec river from the top of the mountain
From Sokolica mountain

Chubs fighting with ducks for food
Chubs fighting with ducks for food

Trying to catch trout and chub in Dubajec river

chub caught by me with a crankbait
And result - chub

My first trout this year
And trout

My rod and reel for mountain rivers
My equipment

beautifull sanse in Pieniny

Evening by the river
Late evening

My best spots for trout and chub
Best trout spots

My girlfriend fishing
My girlfriend fishing

Fishing at night with my girlfriend - Natalia
At night - Maybe some Danube salmon?

raining in Pieniny mountains
It's raining

Fishing in winter for Danube Salmon
Winter     -15C

Fishing in winter for trout
A bit warmer

Sunny fishing day in Poland - Dunajec river
Coffee break

Very good spot for Danube Salmons
Best Danube salmon spot

Dunajes river - best river in the world

Another sunset in Pieniny

Mountains after fishing day

My fishing spots - view from the top of the mountain
From Palenica mountain

rafting doesn't scare my fishes
Rafting on Dunajec river

My girlfriend fishing
Fishing contest :)

I'm hiding and fishing
Sunset. Where I am? :)

Great views while fishing

Another big chub
Nice chub

Fast water full of trouts, chubs and graylings

Rafting ins Pieniny mountains

Me fishing for salmonide in Dunajec
Nice place....