Sunday, February 10, 2013

Small lures update

As some of you already know I wrote erlier some posts about small lures for trout chub and ide. It's obvious that some types of lures are for specific species in specific places, but there is a big group small lures that you can use as well for trout as for ide in chub in different places. I want to update my pevious post that you can find HERE, HERE and HERE with new expieriences gaind last season.

Of course i still use all the lures described earlier. They are still usefull and very effective, but every lure junkie like me is still looking for something new, something better, something special. First of all I find "GLIWA" extended body spinners as better than I thought! They will never twist your line, they always work properly - even if you fish downstream and they are extremly effective!

While talking about spinners I've got another  good proposition. My friend gave me recently some nice looking, very small - #0 and #1 but very heavy hand made spinners. I've didn't test them well yet, but I'm sure it's also a good choice for fishing in small streams!

That would be all for spinners, but I have also some new thoughts about crankbaits. Firstly - I use more hunter lures now. Especially bullet (for chub) and instinct(for trout and ide) - great lures, gave me lot of fishes. And I'm sure will give me much more in the future. Guys in Hunter know what they are doing!
I also found some littlt hand-made ide lures. They look great and work properly. I will test them in march and april for sure. 
my best new lures for trout, ide and chub
 Now is time for those lures! Wait for updates:)

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