Friday, May 27, 2011

New specials in my chub - ide lure box

Few days ago I ordered Hunter lures. Hunter is a brand new company established by one of the most famous spinning angler in Poland and Europe also - Andrzej Lipiński.

Andrzej Lipiński is famous mostly for his great trout chub, ide and asp fishing abilities. Fishing World Champion, Champion of Poland. He was my fishing idol for many years.

That is why I had to buy his lures. They are typically designed for chub and ide. Great imitations of bugs - very realistic with rubber legs. Good looking lures with strong and sharp treebles. I will test them soon!

One lure is fantastic imitation of bleak. Designed and intended for asp - fantastic sport fish (check out youtube for "ASP"). It is called "SPIRIT". I think it will be my killer.

You a also visit a company website - Hunter - lures to see more photos of lures and fishes.

Polish lure market is very rich and I am a "lure junkie" as someone said :)


  1. Hi Jarek,
    You may be a lure Junkie but so am i, And may-be every fisherman i know is a lure Junkie, But the Lure in the 2nd picture would be my choice,
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. It's amazing how some European lures appear so different in design and color from their North American and Japanese counterparts. Too bad the retailers here haven't clued in on the possibilities, there might be a business opportunity available in becoming a local distributer for these products. I agree with Paddy, the first 2 would be my choice.
    Thanks for opening our eyes Jarek.

  3. Michael from Nebraska, USAMay 16, 2012 at 10:48 AM


    Poland does indeed have a successful fishing lure industry: HRT, Salmo, and now Hunter.

    I wish I could translate the link to Hunter lures, as I would like to order some. I have ordered twice from HRT

    1. Hi Michael!
      I can help You with this if you want. I can buy some lures for you and send them to the USA or contact you with one of Hunter owners. Write me on my e-mail

    2. Michael from Nebraska, USAMay 17, 2012 at 4:05 PM

      Thanks Jarek!

      I will e-mail you.

      Let me know if anyone needs any help in obtaining any American fishing tackle as well.