Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trout incubators in Biała Przemsza River

Biała Przemsza is a small trout river near do Sławków, Jaworzno and Dąvrowa Górnicza. It is the best brown trout river around me. The trout season begins there at February 1st. That is why I visited this beautiful river today. Although because of fast snow melting and heavy rain it was almost impossible to fish. I have to wait a week at least to fis and (i hope) give You some photo of big brown trout - they grow here up to 25 - 30in!! The "no kill" section gives some hope to fight such a big fish.

One interesting thing I've noticed were trout incubators made by members by  "Friends of Biała Przemsza Community":

Biala Przemsza river - incubators for trouts

small trouts are being born hereIncubators for trouts - I will fish for them in few years

I hope that water level will be lower soon and I will be able to write a true fishing report :)

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