Monday, February 4, 2013

Awesome gadget for my "wish list"

I know.... Christmas is behind us already and my birthday is in august, but this is a love at first sight :) I often use standalone gps devices and gps apps in my smartphone. Although gps in smartphone kills battery very fast and if you choose standalone device it is another thing to carry and keep in pocket. 
Usually it is no problem for me, but sometimes i would like to reduce my equipment and still have an access to my gps position.

Today I found an awesome thing - Suunto Ambit HR GPS Watch.
This is more than just a watch! In addition to a 3D electronic compass and barometric altimeter, it contains high sensitivity GPS module for checking your position, saving waypoints and navigating to them.
awesome fishing watch

I thing it would be a great choice for long trout fishing trips - to find a short way back to my car or for mushroom picking at autumn. It is quite expensive, but i found this awesome device in COTSWOLD OUTDOOR were I also found an awesome action. For writing gear reviews you can win up to £250 every month! I will try to achive this and maybe i will write a Suunto Ambit HR GPS Watch review soon :)
You can find some details about this action HERE

There are some movies about this watch on YouTube also. It's really awesome!


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