Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Zander Fishing in Poland

 Today I wanted to share with you the story of catching with spinning rod my PB of zander (european walleye).

It was the middle of November and I went with my friends to find some asps and zanders in Odra river. The day was cold - just above freezing and cloudy, but there was now rain or snow.  It wasn't windy also so it was the perfect day for zander for this time of year.

Big walleye - zander spinningbig zander caught on spinning     In the morning my friend caught a really nice-  30in (75cm) asp with Hunter Fantom Lure. After that there was nothing going on for few hours. About midday i had few bites on heavy - 3/4oz (21g) and 8cm jig and I caught 3 small - 20in (50cm) zanders. At 2PM we finally decided to take a break and eat something. Wa also changed our spot and went ~10km downstream to bigger and deeper places. Just after starting fishing we both had good bites. My friend lost his fis after 30 seconds. I had much more luck and after 5 minutes fight I landed my BIGGEST zander so far. It was a beautifull fat and strong fish!
     Quick measuring showed that it was ~37in (>90cm) and Ä…rround 16lb. It was really fat. I hope I will fight this fish someday again :)

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 Here is a short video of releasing that magnificent fish!

sandacz from Jarek on Vimeo.

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