Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Night spinning for catfish - lures and spots

Spinning for wels

As I described it on by blog previously wels is a big european catfish. it is big and strong predator that can be caught using spinning and that is what I'm trying to do:)

Big wels caught on spinning releasing at night
For me spinning for catfish gives the best effects at night. Most of my wels were caught around midnight and it is the best time i suppose. Sometimes I fish in the river, sometimes in a small lake and sometimes in a dam reservoir. I use many different lures, especially crankbaits. But what is important. Lures for catfish don't need to be very big. Sometimes 3in (~7cm) is enough - as long as it is very noisy. Before I start fishing I must choose my spot or spots carefully. I must predict where catfish will come to eat at night. Usually shallow warm waters close to the shore, but not far from deep spots where they rest during the day.

Next step is to chose proper lures - they can't go to deep, they must be VERY noisy and they must by prepared for strong fight(saltwater trebles etc). There are not many bites. Sometimes you have one, sometimes none, but every bite is memorable and gives so much fun! Moreover - catching big predator at night is some kind of magical. As well as releasing him to his kingdom... Wels - the kind of the river... After so huge amount of emotions in the middle of the night I often stop fishing and go to sleep. I'm done for the night. I'm happy and fulfilled... And of course... A drink with the best friend... in the wild... after catching huge catfish is something you won't forget.
Big wels caught at warm night in the lake in PolandBig wels releasing at night

Big catfish caught in river at night
Of course you can catch catfish with live bait while sitting comfortable in the chair and just waiting, but that's not for me. I like the action, the direct contact with my target and with the nature. Spinning for wels at night is more like hunting than fishing... Sometimes you could say - why is the night so short?

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