Friday, June 17, 2011

Zander Hunting!

For last few days I have been hunting for a big zander with my friends. We were fishing between 3am and 8am at monday, tuesday and thursday. We have been trying to catch a really big zander (30 -35in at least), but it isn't a easy challenge. We had a few bites of small zanders (at about 20in). 

Everyone at least once lost a big zander before landing. We were out of luck...

Finally my friend Marek caught at 5am a very nice zander - +30in with my KOGUT JIG.

I hope next time I'll be the lucky one :)


  1. Hi Jarek,
    You are the lucky one, You were part of a fishing team, So you should enjoy the moment as well, And it was on your Kogut Jig,
    But hey man what a big Zander, Its got to be getting near some kind of record,
    Well done guys,

  2. Hi Paddy!
    Of course I was enjoying this moment very much :)
    It is a big zander, but it is FAR from record. To beat it we need to find +40in and + 30lb zander :)

  3. You surprise me Jarek, I have fished for Zander in the south of England in the 70s, But i never thought they would get to that sort of length or size, Maybe they wont over here, But thats one good Zander, My biggest is only a 14Lb-er,
    All the best my friend,

  4. Look at this photos Paddy:

    and youtube movie with polish zander from Vistula river:

  5. Its really no more less than achievement to catch a big zander like this.I never thought the zanders are of that sort of length or size.