Monday, December 17, 2012

Today I want to show you my best tackle box/bag. Best because hand made and adjusted to my needs. Why I decided to make my lure bag by myself? I have a lot of different size pike crankbaits, twitchbaits and jerkbaits. Some of them are thicker, some slimmer, but all are quite fragile and it is easy to scratch the lacquer. On the other hand I like to change lures often and I hate tangled treble hooks.

Finally i found out how to solve my problems. I bought an inflexible thermic bag (~10in high), and different size foam pipe covers.

Next step was to cut pipe covers in equal length pieces and put them into a bag. Another way was to buy PCV pipes, but foam covers are better for fragile lure lacquer.

There is one more benefit of this bag. If you take out one of pipe cover pieces, you have a perfect place to put your beer  while fishing :)

Make Your own Handmade Tackle Bag!

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