Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Small but important elements of fishing equipment.

In my previous posts I described quite good almost everything what is necessary during fishing trips. Although There are a few things that are sometimes indispensible but we often forget about them. Of course this is only my subjective opinion, but I think lot of You will agree with me.

First of all, if this is not winter and there is no snow around I always need to have a good insect repellent. There is nothing more anoying than dozens of mosquitoes landing on my face and hands. There are plenty of different repellents, but there is one rule to find a good one. It MUST contain DEET.  One of my choices is Lifesystems Expedition 50+. 

The second thing I always have with my is small waterproof bag for my car keys, wallet, fishing license or mobile phone. I often fish in rain so everything that can get wet must be well protected. In addition even if it is sunny we can fall into water and wet our documents or electronic devices.  Something like Aquapac Keymaster will help you to avoid such a bad situation.

Third thing is Safety Whistle. There are plenty of possible accidents that can happen in the wilderness. I can imagine that someone break his leg, all fall into water or swamp. Sometimes we need to call help and the best way to do this is a safty whistle.  This one is very good example it's loudness coud be up to 108dB! There is also good to know that he internationally recognised distress signal is 6 blasts of the whistle with a 1 minute break and then repeated. The reply is 3 blasts with the same pause.

By the same reason  there is good to have light stickers. Not only for calling help, but also for marking our camp or some important things we don't want to loose. Light stickers are small, cheap and they can always be usefull.

I realize there is more things like that, but I've chosen the most important 4 for me. What are your propositions??  

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