Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas gifts for outdoor man

Now is this time of year when everyone think about Christmas presents. What should I buy? What if he/she has this already? What would make him/her happy? Lot of questions year by year. But if you think about a present for an angler... It's much easier. I would like to show you what I would like to get!! :) Hmm.. Maybe my Santa will read this post? :)

Sometimes we buy something more expensive, somtimes something small. I have my choices for all ranges :) What should I start with...

Fitrst of all it is always good to get some tool, like multitool, knife or pocketknife. Even if you have one already you can put second one into tackle box, car or boat and it will always be usefull. Victorinox  pocketknife is the best choice. There are many models and you will find your price range for sure.

An anternative for pocketknife is multitool. It is usually bigger and more usefull for harder work. I'm just about to buy one for myself!  Gerber Dime Pocket Micro Tool is one of my choices.

I'm also a big fan of good headlights. Although as I wrote in one of my previous posts it must be good quality, light and must have more lighting modes. One option is Petzl Tikka - new model for 2012. everyone would be happy with it.

If you want to go wild and buy something awesome. And of course you are not an expert in fishing equipment, one of the best choice would be GoPro camera.

In the era of the Internet everyone want to show his fishing successes and sometimes a simple photo is not enough. Personal outdoor HD cameras are increasingly popular. And everyone would like to have a movie like this with his trophy:

Of course there are other good choices for a gift, but my point was to show you how easy is to buy an awesome gift to an angler or any outdoor man :)

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