Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Season starts with snow and trout fishing

We have New Year 2013 and also new fishing season. In Poland in January you can fish only through ice or (and it is my choice) hunt for trout, salmon or danube salmon in rivers. Fishing in winter with ice and snow around is not easy, but every caught fish gives me 10 times more fun than in summer.

It's fine when the temperature is at about 0C. Try to fish when it is -10C or -15C :) Your hands, feet and rest of your body needs a good protection! I know - good fishing clothes are expensive, but I have a good solution for this. I buy trekking or ski clothes. Usually cheaper but also good working.

It is important to dress in layers. I always have a thermoactive underwear like Helly Hansen Mens Stripe Crew as a base layer:

Middle layer is also very important. It should keep the warm, but also breathable to keep you always dry when you sweat during a big fish landing :) I usually use polar fleece or sometimes - if it is really cold i take two of them at the same time. You can find very easy a good polar fleece, but if I have to point some good and not expensive one, I would go with Animal Gunner 1/4 Zip Mens Fleece

The last layer is a waterproof , windproof and most of all breathable jacket. If your jacket wasn't breathable it would be unnecessary to wear any other breathable clothes. Jacket should have a good hood and at least one 100% waterproof pocket for my wallet car keys etc. Jacket should protect from snow, rain, and save my documents if I fall into water. Remember to buy a jacket that is a bit to big for you if you would have to wear one more polar! Try to find something like Helly Hansen Clandestine Ski Jacket

Of course you have to wear also good boots, pant, gloves, cap, etc.. But maybe I will write about them in one of my next posts. 

Yesterday I bought fishing license for this season. I hope I will start it soon and post a photo of my first 2013 fish. Wish me luck!! :)

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  1. During winter I don't worry about layering because I wear a Helly Hansen flotation suit. Looking forward to seeing tour first fish of 2013 Jarek.