Thursday, June 16, 2011

First Carp!

Yesterday we have been float fishing in the private fishery with nice crucians (the same fishery from last week).

After a few hours we had some nice crucians (12in - 14in), but Natalia decided not to make photos with them. As she said - "they are to small, we need to catch a bigger one!"

How surprised was I when suddenly she landed her first nice carp! Quite big one for small pond - at about 19in and 3lb. There was lot of fun and  smile :)

We had also a chance to catch really big grass carp. Natalia saw some fish eating pieces of calamus from the surface of the water. So i tried topwater fishing with a small piece of calamus. After few minutes at about  30in - 35in grass carp tried to eat my bait, but he panicked in the last moment and we lost our chance... It is our next objective! :)


  1. Worth trying off the top with bread, then use a bread fly, on your fly rod. Great fun, and saves on bait?

  2. Hi!
    There isn't enough place for me to have long flyfishing casts :) I'll try sbirulino (spirolino) next time:)

  3. Well Done Natalia thats a great fighting carp, I would love to see both of you with a 30+in grass carp, They fight like crazy, I hope you can catch one for the Blog that would be somthing else,
    Great Picture and write-up Jarek,
    Good Luck,

  4. Hi Paddy!
    There is already a photo of +40in grass carp on this blog:) But of course we will try to catch more of them:) Maybe Natalia will be lucky this time again?

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