Friday, April 13, 2012

My biggest Ide

Spring is coming in Poland fast!  Although sometimes we have to face heavy rain:) Unfortunately this time it was a fishing day. We arrived to our best spots for Ide (spinning of course!) on Vistula river near Oświęcim (Auschwitz - city with former nazi death camp). at about 3PM.

After half an hour fishing with beautiful warm and sunny weather we saw dark, heavy clouds on the horizon. It was a bad sign, but we had to use our time. We took gore-tex clothes and decided to stay and fish in the rain. 

After an hour of heavy rain and strong wind i finally had a bite on my 1,5in Hunter Instinct 4 wobbler. After a nice fight in Vistula current I landed a FANTASTIC 20in and more than 3lb Ide. I hope I'll beat this record soon! :)

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