Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My April-May fishing!

This year spring came quite early. With first warm days I was trying to catch some trouts, chubs, ides and perches with little crankbaits mostly.

I was fishing on Wisła river near Oświęcim, Odra river, Ruda river and Czarna Przemsza also. First trips weren't succesfull. The water was cold and fishes weren't active, but after few weeks situation was much better. I didn't catch any huge fish, but the amount of them was quite good. Czarna Przemsza was fantastic place for brown and rainbow trouts:

Wisła, Ruda and Odra gave me some nice chubs and ides. I was using my favourite tiny crankbaits for them and thin 3-4LB mono. It was a good start of long season! I am stil waiting for my first asp this year.

Everywhere was also lot of nice perches. They were sometimes a nice surprises.


  1. Looks like you've had a productive spring Jarek, nice assortment of fish.

  2. Great pictures Jarek. Did you catch all of these species with crank baits?

  3. Hi!
    Yes. Tiny crankbaits 1 - 2in are the bst lures for those species.