Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pikes from Chechło-Nakło



is a small lake (90 hectars) located in a middle of forest between Tarnowskie Góry and Miasteczko Śląskie.  The average depth is about 8 - 10ft, but you can also find 20ft depth spots. The main fish of this lake is Pike. Every year people catch a few of them, bigger than 25 pounds. Of course it doesn't happen every day. Normal average size of pikes cought here is between 3 and 10 pounds.

     Best lures for them are middle sized jerkbaits, like Salmo Slider and Salmo Jack and big Softlures, like Relax Kopyto 6. Of course big spinners, spinnerbaits, crankbaits (Rapala Shad Rap 9) and slashbaits (Rapala X-Rap) are also effective.
    When water is cold you can find here fantastic perch!  Sometimes over 15in. I often have some of them while fishing for pike, but  it is just an incident.  For few years i hear about quite nice catfishes from this lake. My friend had one (50in) last year. I will try to catch some in summer with crankbait like Salmo Boxer, Manns Baby or Rapala DT.


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  1. Nice pike Jarek. That swimbait is the size of the perch I was catching today. hahaha

  2. Thanks :)
    Actually I use it as jig. This lure is called RELAX KOPYTO 6
    Very effective for pike

  3. Definitely would be a "rush" in my book to fish for nice Pike like that. Fifteen inch Perch would be just fine anytime out my way.

  4. Good looking pike, I'm glad to see the what's being caught half way around the earth. Great site! >:"":>

  5. Thank you for all good words. It is "rush in my book" to keep writing :)

  6. Wow this blog is really amazing..It gives great feelings after read Nice pike Jarek..