Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fantastic Last Sunday

I'm writing this post so late, due to lack of time. I had to prepare a short movie (bad quality because of old mobile phone - sorry).

Last Sunday I was fishing for zander on one of my favourite dam reservoirs. For first two hours I couldn't find any fishing and I had to go by boat to almost all my spots. Finally i find THIS place and had a first bite and first fish also - 20in zander.

10 minutes later I had another two and I lost one before landing. I was trying lot of lures (crankbaits, softlures and of course KOGUT lures - they were most effective. Especially the one made for this blog recently:

After this few fishes I made a break to eat my second breakfast. Then zanders disappeared. I was trying to find them, but I caught only 2 small pikes. I thought it was over. In addition it was VERY HOT and sunny and I was fishing in sunken forest - you know what does it mean... :)

I decided to come bach to the place where I caught first fish. It was very good choice. In a very short time I had another 4 zanders - a bit bigger: 22 - 24in and small 20in pike.

Then after 20 minutes without bite i made a difficult decision - go home. It was 3PM, very sunny and I had nothing to drink.Without a doubt it was my best day this year. Fishes weren't very big, but big amount of them was enough for me. A few of them I've recorded for you with my poor quality mobile phone:)

I was using 2 sets
1) Shimano Alivio 2,6m up to 21g (3/4oz) with Daiwa regal XiA 2000 and 6lb P-Line braid.
2) Dragon Destiny spinn slimm design 2,1m (7ft) up tp 21g (3/4oz) with Team Daiwa R4 3012 and 15LB Spiderwire Stealth braid.


  1. I understand from my European friends that zander grow larger than Canadian walleye, but those were some good solid fish that you were calling small. You've sold me on the Kogut Jarek.

  2. This is a normal, common size of my zanders. I'm looking fr bigger ones!:)
    I'm glad to hear that John! Write me if you have any questions!
    Best regards

  3. Fantastic! Way to dig in and find the fish through some lure experimentation. Don;t worry about a late post as long as you post. Great stuff.

  4. That is great Video here..Well ishing is a time to rest participate in fishing competitions.Well done to all!

  5. Hello my friend.

    Thanks for showing us the clip.