Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Cold night asp fishing session

Few days ago I had an interesting fishing session I want to share with you. 

Last autumn I was working late and days were very short in Poland. Even if I leftwork earlier and go straight to my fishery I started fishing when it was already dark. My fishery was Odra river near Wrocław - big river with many different predators. I like to  hunt mainly for chub, asp, catfish and zander although while the water is very cold now my main goal is zander and maybe asp. You can find a lot of information about my night fishing techniques on my blog, i.e.:  Spinning at night

The day I want to write about was a great fishing day.  It was very warm despite it is a late autumn, there was a mild west wind and the air pressure was falling slowly. I knew I had to go to hunt for night zanders. My fishing spot was an hour of driving away. It is a straight and shallow fragment of a river with a lot of small and bigger rocks.

I arrived there just before it was completely dark, and I was able to look on the water and try to notice some signs of fish activity. Unfortunatelly there was none. I started to cast in all places that had a current, were shallow and close to the rocks. Those are places where most of baitfish hide. I tried many different lures - mostly  shallow running wobblers (8 - 12cm) with a very delicate action. Finaly I saw some movement. Undoubtedly some predator was hunting near to me. Delicate splashes on the water and lot of running baitfish. I had a bite after just few casts but I was unable to set the hooks. After that I changed location and something weird and awesome happend. In just 2 casts I caught 2 awesome asps - 73cm and 84cm! Big and fat predators in complete darkness were hunting more intense than you can imagine - splashes all over the place.

After catching those 2 lunkers, making some photos (very tricky alone in a darkness with smartphone) and releasing them i had one more bite, but i didn't set the hook properly.  It was a really great day, but I knew what I was going for after some previous trips. I will write about that soon! 


  1. Dobrze że znam angielski, można poczytać ciekawe rzeczy. ja łowię w polsce :)

  2. :) cieszę się, że się spodobało!